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“Footwear for Women” Monsoon Special

“Footwear for Women” Monsoon Special

“Footwear for Women” Monsoon Special-In the monsoon and summer season, footwear is such that it is not only stylish but also that your feet do not suffer from it.

When the weather changes, there is no change in food or clothing, but you have to pay attention to footwear as well. While boots or shoes are given priority in cold weather, the selection of such footwear in the summer season is not considered fair because it can cause problems like sweating, odor, pain, fungal infection, etc. in the feet. is. Footwear should be like this in this season, with the movement of air in the legs. While footwear is stylish on the one hand, on the other hand, it is equally important to be concrete. So let’s know how your footwear in the summer season-


"Footwear for Women" Monsoon Special
“Footwear for Women” Monsoon Special

When it comes to confrontation in summer, the attention of the flats is first of all. Flats are such footwear in which heels are not used, due to which you can wear them for a long time without any difficulty. Flats can look stylish by wearing casual to the office or any party. In the flats, you have the option of Plane Slippers to Flat Sandals, Tow-Sleepers, Moccasins, Bailies, Rubber Loafers, Shoes, etc. For instance, if you are wearing flats in Kejewals, it will be good to wear rubber slippers, flat sandals or slides, in the office you can wear Kolhapuri slippers and flat pumps. There are many types of designs and prints in them too. Well, heels also look good in pumps, which are good to wear from the office to party. In the market, you will find flat sandals in good brands.


"Footwear for Women" Monsoon Special
“Footwear for Women” Monsoon Special

The heel is the best option for any footwear in any party. You do not wear high heels sandals every day, but it will be good to wear it in a summer function. There are many types of designs available in heels sandals. If you can not wear pencil heels or high heels, then you choose low heels or platform heel. It supports the whole leg, so it is relatively more comfortable. In the market, you will find heels in good brands.

Vege Espadas

It is such sandals, which have styles to the back of the foot. Due to which these sandals get a chick look. You can carry it with button-up skirts and hats.

Canvas shoes

"Footwear for Women" Monsoon Special
“Footwear for Women” Monsoon Special

Canvas shoes in summer season is a very comfortable and stylish option for girls. You can easily wear it with your western diseases such as jeans, shirts, etc. Looking at the Young Girls, there are canvas shoes in the market ranging from floral prints to stypes, denim, etc. You wear it in college and be unfriendly.

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