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“How to be Physically and Mentally Fit”

“How to be Physically and Mentally Fit”

“How to be Physically and Mentally Fit”-Fitness is Life ‘, everyone knows this thing today. Keeping this in mind, Reebok encouraged women to be mentally and physically fit …

“How to be Physically and Mentally Fit”

‘Fitness is Life’, this thing everyone knows and believes today. Keeping this philosophy in mind, Leading fitness brand Reebok has consistently encouraged women to be mentally, physically and socially fit. And at the beginning of last year, launching the #FitToFight Campaign with brand ambassador Kangana Ranaut, not only physically but mentally. Socially, also motivated to improve itself.

Over the centuries Ladies around the world are bound under a conservative belief – and this society expects them to behave in a certain manner. The biggest conservative idea is that girls should not fight. When a man chooses a fight, despite being wrong, he is considered a leader and a fighter and the society sit on a seat. But when a woman chooses something similar, she is considered to be dirty and arrogant.

The world’s trust

With this campaign, Reebok took a stand that women should not fight, this world’s belief is wrong. A woman is born like a warrior and she is at the forefront of all circumstances.

Girls can actually fight

In the ‘Girls Do not Fight’, the common. Indians have been kept and told how fitness helps them cope with the problems faced by them. Their focus is to break the conservative idea and to face the challenges, and in doing so, Reebok aims to break the conservative idea of ​​every woman and tell the world. That woman can actually fight. From ‘Girls Do not Fight’. Reebok is encouraging Woman to be mentally, physically and socially fit so that she is right? And stand against injustice and discrimination. For this, he gives attention to physical fitness so that the mind can get strength.

“How to be Physically and Mentally Fit”

Kangana Ranaut says

Talking about this campaign, Brand Ambassador Kangna Runout, Reebok India said, “I am 11 years old in this industry and I am constantly struggling with false assumptions and one day it came that I broke these conservative ideas. Therefore, I know Reebok’s FitToFight campaign, and especially this year’s theme ‘Girls Do not Fight’ very well. Reebok has raised two problems and told about some of those things. which unfortunately we girls face at some point in life. I believe that difficulties and hope, battle and strength, grief and faith are a story of every woman. -And I hope that through these stories, #FitToFight will find a platform to inspire these stories to others. ‘

Through the campaign, (“How to be Physically and Mentally Fit”) Reebok has taken a stand against the old stereotypes. And has strengthened its position as a ‘women’s first’ brand.

Sea salt: “From face too shiny hair, it is beneficial for everyone”

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