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Simple Beauty & Makeup Tips: monsoon tips2019

Simple Beauty & Makeup Tips: monsoon tips2019

Simple Beauty & Makeup Tips: monsoon tips2019-If you are searching about latest beauty & makeup tips for the monsoon session, Then you are on right place.monsoon in India is going on and in this weather, we need a fresh look with simple makeup. Regardless of the weather, the responsibilities of women begin from the morning and continue until late at night. He could not find time for himself in the office and family responsibilities. In order to always look smart and beautiful, they have no choice but to go to the parlor and to use expensive products. But if you want to avoid these expensive treatments as well as you want to look, then we will tell you about these secret tips.

Simple Beauty & Makeup Tips

Simple Beauty & Makeup Tips: monsoon tips2019
Simple Beauty & Makeup Tips: monsoon tips2019
  1. Preparation in the night If the next day you have to go to a function and you are waiting for the morning, then it will be wrong to think that if you do hair styling. Decide before night what hair styling will be, so that you do not have any problem the next morning. It will also maintain your hairstyle. Wash the hair a day before and do deep conditioning, do a straightening before doing it one day before it does not waste time in a hurry.

2.With small products

Often with office events or workload, you just leave the face with fairness cream. If it is with you then keep a small pouch with you. In it, you keep small beauty products. If time is short, you can make a light make-up in the street or in the cab too. In this small pouch, you can keep all products such as mascara, cream, lip color, and eyeliner.(makeup tips for monsoon)

3. Dry shampoo is necessary

Simple Beauty & Makeup Tips: monsoon tips2019
Simple Beauty & Makeup Tips: monsoon tips2019

Often, due to lack of hair wash time, the face becomes dull and dull. If there is no time for hair wash, place dry shampoo in your makeup kit. With this, you can easily spray anywhere. By the way, it is necessary to wash the hair regularly. If there is more gap for two days, oil production starts in Scalp, due to which the hair becomes dirty and sticky. In this case, dry shampoo can be a good option.


Simple Beauty & Makeup Tips: monsoon tips2019

Getting ready in the morning is not less than a challenge. Generally, girls like to wear mascara. Many times the mascara does not seem to be well enough, so much time is wasted in fixing it. A tip liner or pencil liner can be used to apply the mascara. It is very easy to apply, saving time and mascara also looks fine.

5. Keep the skin hydrated

Due to lack of water, the skin loses its moisture, due to which the skin becomes dry and dull. It is a bit difficult to moisturize in the morning and moisturize it. In such a way, if the skin is well hydrated at night, then the skin remains soft in the morning. Moisturizer can be applied according to the skin.

6.Quantity of sodium

If you want your face to appear, then sleep well by washing the face thoroughly before sleeping. If you want to go to any function at night, do not eat more salty stuff, then the next day you face fatigue. Sodium goes to your body and collects water in the skin, which causes heaviness in your skin.beauty tips

7.Oiling method

Simple Beauty & Makeup Tips: monsoon tips2019
Simple Beauty & Makeup Tips: monsoon tips2019

If you do oil in the hair in the night then change this habit today, because if you have to go to a wedding then it can create some trouble for you. It takes hours to extract the oil because, after washing, hair is done only after drying. You may be wasting a lot of time in all this. So do not do oiling in the night or go to a party the next day if you do not have oil.

8. Let’s minimize touch

Sometimes it takes hours to do makeup, due to which you spoil the look in haste. Minimal make-up rather than doing a lot of make-up. You can save your time from this. After thoroughly washing the face, place primer, concealer, and shadow again. Apply lip color and eyeliner to make them look complicated.

9. Keep preparations

If you have to go to a wedding the next morning and you have not decided how you will make makeup or what you wear then you can get stuck in trouble. So, think one night before, what to wear in the next day’s event and if you choose makeup accordingly, you can avoid the next day’s trouble.

10.Rose water effect

Simple Beauty & Makeup Tips: monsoon tips2019
Simple Beauty & Makeup Tips: monsoon tips2019

Applying rose water is very beneficial for the face. In such a situation, if you wash your face with rose water then the skin will look nice and frail. It keeps skin healthy due to the presence of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, and also protects skin from infections.


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