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Mission Chandrayan: “These Women had Hard Work Behind the Success”

Mission Chandrayan: “These Women had Hard Work Behind the Success”

Mission Chandrayan: “These Women had Hard Work Behind the Success”-Mission Mars Teaser has been launched. Many women have been shown with Akshay Kumar in it. But do you know about the scientists who have the reality …

Women are just in the kitchen, this line will now offend many. And why not, women from neighboring people to mangal have made themselves dominant. Where things are happening in Mangal, recently Tiser of ‘Mission Mangal’, which has been starring Vidya Balan, Sonakshi Sinha, Akshay Kumar, has been launched. Working in the house wearing saris in it, women are working successfully in the mission of sending a satellite to Mars. This is not a film story but the real story of Indian Space Research Organization (Isro).

Mission Mars: “These Women had Hard Work Behind the Success”

In Mission Mangal, Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, Tapi Pannu, Nithya Menon, Kirti Kulkarni, Sherman Joshi are playing their own character and have shown a very good teaser too.

Unaware of the real story, people do not know the women whose life is living on the screen. These are the real heroines of Mission Mars. Two years ago, ISRO successfully launched Indian Satellite in the space of Mars. After this, there was a photo viral in which women wearing saris and gambling on their heads were enjoying happiness. These photos were very viral on social media. This was the working staff of ISRO.

Ritu Kirdhal, Deputy Operation Director, Mars Orbiter Mission

From childhood, Ritu was attracted to the sky. Seeing the rising and rising of the moon, they wanted to know their cause. He could gather as much information related to the space that he used to raise. It is from a newspaper article or from a magazine He has been working in ISRO for 18 years. The mission that started after it was started in April 2012. For the Mars mission, there were 18 months for the scientists.

Mission Mars: "These Women had Hard Work Behind the Success"
Mission Mars: “These Women had Hard Work Behind the Success”

Ritu says that this was teamwork. All used to work together. Ritu is the mother of two children and her son was 11 years old and daughter was 5 years old at the time of the mission. He used to take time between the office and home and did not ignore the family even after being tired from work.

The story of Ritu is like the story of thousands of women who keep in mind their family and family, they also achieve the position in their careers who can not get any work without any effort.

Nandini Harinath, deputy operations director, Mars Orbiter Mission

Seeing Star Trek TV, Nandini first got the information about stars and science. Due to the father of Maths teacher and engineer father, he began to feel good physically from his childhood. In addition to being a victim of science fiction, He never thought he would go to ISRO, but it happened. This was the first job they had applied and they got them. Now it has been 20 years.

Mission Mars: "These Women had Hard Work Behind the Success"
Mission Mars: “These Women had Hard Work Behind the Success”

Nandini says that this was not only a very important moment for her but also the whole of India. For the first time, information about this mission was being given to Facebook on behalf of ISRO and the whole world was on their eyes.

Now people are coming to know him as a scientist and they love him very much. He liked it that a picture of Mangalyaan was shown on the note of 2000 rupees. According to him, this was not a simple assignment, but all worked very hard. In the beginning, the scientists were working 10 hours a day, but as soon as it came to date it became 12 – 14 hours. These people did not even go home at the time of the launch, perhaps after 20-22 hours, they used to come home for a little while then they would have come again.

Anuradha vaccine, Geosat Program Director at the Isro Satellite Center

Anuradha had left the bond with the ISRO in 1982. She has been with her for 34 years. When he had thought of space, he was 9 years old. He is an expert in sending communication satellites in space. They are 36,000 kilometers away from India.

Mission Mars: "These Women had Hard Work Behind the Success"
Mission Mars: “These Women had Hard Work Behind the Success”

These women scientists were first inspired by the mission of the Moon. He also wrote a poem about it in Kannada. When they joined ISRO, very few women used to do such things. From his childhood, he used to travel to space in his fantasies.

She does not believe that Indian women did not make up for science. Today 20-25% of female employees are in ISRO These are around 16000 people. She says that women working in ISRO are inspirational. Once the young girls will see how many space scientists are in ISRO, they will get inspiration. Anuradha’s husband, parents, and in-laws did not bother in their work.

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