Venice: Best Place for Honeymoon

Venice: Best Place for Honeymoon

Venice: Best Place for a Honeymoon. Venice, a small town in North-East Italy, is made up of about 118 islands. A small canal between one island and another island works only in the division line which is crossed by the bridge. Kayaks run instead of motor vehicles because the canals work only on the roads. It is believed that Venice was created after the fall of Roman civilization and over time, Venetian art was also observed.

In Venice a beautiful day, as well as the evening

Venice: Best Place for Honeymoon
Venice: Best Place for Honeymoon

Seeing Venice as much as enjoying it in the day is as pleasant as it is here evening. Actually, we first saw the sight of Venice at night. After seeing ‘Juliet’s balcony’ in Verona, called ‘City of Romeo Juliet’, we reached Venice in the evening after visiting the city. Shortly after the check-in at the hotel, we left for dinner in Venice. We headed towards the main bus to Venice The ocean in the night seemed even more beautiful. On both sides of the canal made the sea, the years old, heritage buildings were seen, which were made by the rich families of Venice during the eighteenth century from the thirteenth century. Flaming light from the yellow light and the boat flowing in the black-looking ocean, almost halfway through the way of making mobile videos and capturing this beauty.

Dinner at the floating restaurant on the water: Best it for couple

Venice: Best Place for Honeymoon
Venice: Best Place for Honeymoon

Venice does not look like a real city but looks like black magic created in dreams. On one side wonderful buildings and on the other hand extremely thin, narrow streets Here a street is considered among the world’s thinnest street lanes. Its width is 53 centimeters. After crossing the streets, we had a local restaurant where we had to do four-course dinners. White and red wines were ready for us. Italians were looking like a movie hero.

In this pleasant atmosphere, there were three menus, meats, fish and wedges of Venetian food. We chose the Waze menu. Anyway, our friendship with pizza, pasta, noodles, and cheese became deeper in Italy. Yes, having olive in every food here shows the health of health. Tomato slices were served with olive and cheese first and then veg noodles. After this, the vegetables, which were decorated with broccoli, brinjal, tomato, potato pieces, were decorated. Cake made in Sweet dish.(Venice: Best Place for Honeymoon)

Folklore singers in Gondola: VENICE

Venice: Best Place for Honeymoon
Venice: Best Place for Honeymoon

On the second day, when the Chief of Venus crossed the canal and got to Venice, then got the experience of Gondola Ride. Gondola was an 11-meter long boat with a long line, which the sailor would stand on its back end. The singer was playing the singer and folk song playing the guitar in the nearby Gondola. There was a complete film environment.

In about 40 minutes walk, Gandola takes you to the streets of the city’s water and passes under the bridges which connect the whole city. In the streets of narrow water, when the second boat or motorboat comes from the front, it is also a task to give way to the exit. Turns off at the turn There are more than 400 bridges across the city. The window of the house or the door opens in water. If you get out of the house water is parked and a boat is parked outside. This means that the dwellers living in the house and their belongings are coming.(Venice: Best Place for Honeymoon)

St. Mark’s Square vs Europe’s Drawing Room

beautiful palace
Venice: Best Place for Honeymoon

This whole city was included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1987 with its lagoon. The entire city of Venice is inhabited by the spiral of the Grand Canal. This is the lifeline of this city. The Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal is a sightseeing point of Venice. The main here is Saint Mark’s Square. This was called ‘the drawing room of Europe’ by Napoleon. It has St. Mark Basilica and Dodge Palace, the evidence of Venice’s archeology. Apart from this, there are many other places to watch in addition to St. Mark’s School in Venice, Phoenix Theater, Madonna del Orto Church, St. John’s and the Paul Church, Gondola Boatyard. The statue of the Lion of Venice at 323 feet high, a Bell Tower and two beautiful columns in the square and Sant St. Theodore standing in the front of the spear.

Art and music is identity

Venice: Best Place for Honeymoon

There are at least fifty thousand tourists in this city having less than three lakh population. Venice has a worldwide identity for its art, crafts, fashion, and music. The 70-year-old film festival is a well-known International Film Festival. Here many Hollywood and Bollywood famous films have been shot. Equally famous is the theater. Its name has been in music as well and in the literature, Venice is described by William Shakespeare in his famous drama ‘Merchant of Venice’. About 300,000 people from all over the world come to attend the Carnaval here on Christmas. In this, people participate in masks and colorful dresses. During Venetian carnival, the Venetian paint the ropes in many colors. The parade runs out across the city There are different types of masks in the carnival and interestingly, each mask has a different meaning. (Venice: Best Place for Honeymoon)

Venice is situated in the middle of a shallow lake (lagoon)

Towards the north-west of the Adriatic Sea. It is approximately 51 kilometers long and 14 kilometers wide. A canal is built in the Lagoon of the Adriatic Sea, which is four kilometers long. It looks like a wide river. There are factories in the streets of Venice to make glass artistic goods. Venice’s Murano Island or Venetian glass is famous all over the world. Murano Beads, which are made of glass bead, is world-famous. There is a work of lace and embroidery in another island Burano. By the way, every city in Italy is expensive, but Venice is Europe’s most expensive city. In main Venice, there are many shops for window shopping, where T-shirt oil paintings, sculptures and many types of Soviet gift items are available. Interestingly, most of Italy’s retail market has been handled by people from Bangladesh.


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